We’re Never Vanilla

A small but mighty business in Melbourne, Australia

Helping small to medium-sized businesses across all industries, grow their brand and improve their websites

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At Never Vanilla, we want to solve the biggest problem with websites: poor content

As business owners, our websites are our shops. Yet, we don’t invest time or money into our websites because we’re too busy or simply don’t have the skills.

We’re here to help you solve that problem. Because it’s our business to know all about your business. We’ll craft the right words for your website, backed by powerful strategies. Start giving your customers a website experience they’ll love, trust and buy from.


We want to empower small businesses, providing them with big business strategies to create meaningful connections and experiences


We help businesses create effective brand strategies and impactful copywriting so they can deliver superior online experiences


Empowering businesses for meaningful connections

Meet Audrey

Director, Brand Strategist, SEO Copywriter & Mentor for small businesses

Audrey Lee
BCOM Marketing, BA Languages

Audrey’s aptitude for business and communication combined with her deep empathy stems from her rich background. Her extensive work experience has given her the ability to connect and write about any business in any industry. 

At Never Vanilla, Audrey works closely with business owners. She helps businesses flourish with strategy and effective communication. Vibrant and vivacious, you’ll find Audrey’s direct and pragmatic approach refreshing. 

Audrey’s worked in-house with large corporates such as Air New Zealand, with boutique brand agencies, and recently consulting and contracting to a wide range of small to medium-sized businesses. Her portfolio of work is wide and varied.

Audrey is also a mentor in The Digital Solutions Program, in the Australian Small Business Advisory Services. Here, she works with small businesses offering advice on brand strategy, SEO, copywriting, websites and selling online.

Audrey Lee

Learning about different businesses excites me. I’ll ask the difficult questions to extract information that will give us insights into your brand, goals and your customers. 

Bridging the gap

At Never Vanilla, Audrey’s dedicated to helping businesses build lasting win-win relationships where everyone achieves their goals.

She tirelessly learns everything there is to know about your business and your customers, expertly developing brand strategy and crafting content.

Citizen of the World

Audrey was born in Malaysia, she grew up in New Zealand, lived in the Middle East and now calls Australia home.

As a child, she discovered that learning languages came easily for her. Embracing this unique gift, she’s gone on to learn Te Reo Maori, French, Spanish, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.


Never Vanilla embodies what Audrey loves to do and what she excels at. It’s her reason for getting out of bed every morning. In her spare time, you’ll find her on Duolingo either brushing up on her language skills, walking her dogs and exploring the world with her children.

Say hello to

Our project team

Content is king. It has the power to inform, educate and drive action. But the best online experiences are where content and strategy meet intuitive design driven by smart technology.

Get an expert team to back your brand and website project. Our extended team work closely together, to create the best digital experiences for your customers.
Ben Stevens

Ben S.

Creative Director

Ben combines high-quality design, strategic thinking, storytelling and digital know-how to create splendid brand experiences.

Matt Blacker

Matt B.

Web Developer

A self-described coffee-loving nerd who builds websites and creates custom plugins to automate, optimise and improve function and integration on WordPress and NopCommerce.

Josh Mina

Josh M.

Graphic Designer

Combining design, creative problem solving, visual storytelling, and coffee–Josh creates beautiful identities that capture the core of business’ brand.

What's important to us


We’re great listeners and you’ll find us direct and straightforward to deal with. Being open and honest is important to us. This means we’re transparent with how we do things.


We’re always looking for ways to increase our knowledge of your business and your customers, SEO, digital marketing and the latest tech.


We strive for the best outcomes by keeping up to date in 
our field, continuously looking for ways to improve, engaging with industry experts through associations and webinars, 
and collaborations.

How we work

Simple. Transparent. Collaborative

We appreciate you trusting us with your brand when you choose to partner with us. We believe in making things as easy as possible for you while we strive to deliver exceptional outcomes. To make sure we’re on the right track, we’ll check in often with you. Between us, let’s keep the loop of information flowing.

01 Scope

In a briefing call, we’ll chat about what you’d like to achieve and work out how much work is involved in your project.

02 Proposal

We’ll email you a proposal and a fee estimate, outlining your project details and how we will help you.

03 Confirmation

As soon as you accept our proposal and quote, we’ll send an invoice for 50% of the total fee. Once you’ve made payment, your project is booked to start.

04 Discovery

We learn everything there is to know about your business, customers and competitors.

05 Strategy

With further research we’ll get insights and form a plan of action.The strategy we develop will help you with brand consistency across your organisation, positioning and how to communicate effectively with your target audiences.

06 Delivery

Where the magic happens! We put everything together – our knowledge and insights, along with the plan of action. Executing on the strategy we create, copy, design and a website that you’ll be proud of.

Pay it Forward

The Good Shepherd Services

Indigenous Malaysian women working with ginger in a social enterprise

We believe that everyone deserves a right to an education and a voice.

Never Vanilla proudly supports The Good Shepherd Services and its mission. Their work in community-wide projects to improve the quality of life for impoverished and vulnerable individuals is hugely inspiring.

The results are life-changing, giving women and children in particular, a safe haven, education and a voice. Their social enterprise projects in rural communities give women a sense of purpose and the ability to contribute to the family income.

Never Vanilla works with The Good Shepherd Services to support them in brand development and digital communications.

Our Brand

Where does our name ‘Never Vanilla’ come from?

As an organisation, we strive to be extraordinary and never boring – that is, never vanilla! Instead, we embrace different flavours, personalities and characteristics that make each of us, including brands, unique. Every brand has its own ‘flavour’ and personality. We’ll help you define yours so you can stand out.

Our brandmark the chameleon

Our brandmark, is the chameleon. We identify with chameleons, because they’re colourful and interesting! With the ability to quickly assess their surroundings so they can blend in or stand out, chameleons are highly adaptable. They pay careful attention to social cues and know what’s expected of them before making a response. Chameleons are a symbol of change and transformation.

Never Vanilla is associated with

Digital Solutions Program and Melbourne Innovation Centre

Audrey Lee is on a panel of mentors for small businesses in the Digital Solutions Program, an Australian Government funded initiative. As a mentor, Audrey runs brand workshops and provides advice on brand strategy, SEO, copywriting and website content.

Australian Marketing Institute Professional Member

As a Professional member of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), Audrey is part of he largest network of marketers in Australia. AMI provides Audrey and Never Vanilla with networking opportunities and access to industry insights and thought leadership.

The Clever Copywriting Community

Never Vanilla is endorsed by The Clever Copywriting Community. The community is a supportive, knowledge-sharing, learning hub for the world’s most successful copywriters. It provides access to a wealth of masterclasses, courses and tips on SEO, copywriting and digital marketing.

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