Project Kakariki

Mornington Green

Copywriting | Website Blog Articles | Professional Translation

The brief

We were approached by Julia, the Marketing Manager at Mornington Green. She was searching for experienced copywriters who have personally experienced loss. It was important that the copywriter was able to draw from experience and write effectively with empathy and sensitivity. 

A self-professed plant nut and having dealt with the tragic loss of her infant son, Audrey, was engaged to write a series of blog articles. The purpose of the articles was to educate and inform its audiences about the impact the traditional death care industry has on our environment and sustainability.

At a later date, we were approached by Julia once again to translate some marketing materials for Mornington Green into Chinese. This had to be done with the target audience in mind, and the translation had to read naturally while staying as close as possible in meaning to the original text.

The Copywriting

The blog topics ranged from why Australia’s experiencing a cemetery emergency to honouring our pets as they cross the rainbow bridge. The blogs were written with sensitivity, using a tone of voice that is knowledgeable and approachable.


We’re pleased to have been a part of a project with such an inspiring, innovative and purposeful organisation. The translated documents were also very much appreciated by the Chinese-speaking customer groups visiting the grounds.


Mornington Green


Death Care

Project Date

October 2021



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