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The Austral Group

Brand Discovery Workshop | Brand Strategy | Copywriting

The brief

We were engaged by Austral to help them build a brand that supports their goal to scale up. With ambitions to expand their operations, they needed a brand that reflected their reliability and authenticity as contractors.

The Brand Discovery Workshop

Recognising that Austral were on a journey of growth, we wanted to peel back the layers and uncover insights into their evolving business. Onsite, we conducted a Brand Discovery Workshop, digging deep to understand who the brand is today and who The Austral Group of companies envision themselves to be in the future.

The Brand Strategy

We compiled all our findings and developed a comprehensive Brand Strategy for Austral. The strategy provided clarity and directives for the design and copywriting brief.

From the strategy, we determined that their brand tone of voice was to be optimistic, direct yet engaging. This reflects their authenticity and straightforward approach, easy going culture and genuine work ethic. We wanted their messaging to be all about authenticity – being honest and bold. 

As part of the strategy, we defined the mission and vision statements and also crafted a suite of taglines that reflect the direct and straightforward culture of Austral. 

In collaboration with Blendid, a simple suite of logos was designed, created as a logo system, easily applicable for new entities as they diversify and expand their operations. The overhauled logos are in line with the Austral brand’s look and feel, as defined in the strategy. The more corporate, structured style supports their vision for growth and builds trust.

Copywriting - The Culture Book

The final part of the project was creating a Culture Book for Austral employees, crafting copy and executing the new branding.

Our challenge for this project was being able to work through COVID-19 lockdowns and collating information from all the key stakeholders, many of whom were working on-site during the day.



The Austral Group of Companies



Project Date

September 2021


Brand, Website, and Culture Book Design: Blendid

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